Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First School Day at RFIS

I got up about 6:30 to eat breakfast and then went into the van.   We went to the new school and when we got there I went and looked for Nate who is in my grade.   The first class was math, and there I got to see what their math book looked like. The second class was I think called social studies or something.   Then it was French I and I got to see if I could understand what they were saying.   Then it was English and finally lunch.   I was pretty hungry after I ate my lunch so Desi gave the rest of hers to me.   We did choir after lunch and got to see some movies.   Then it was bible and after that, PE.   I got to run the 1600 meters in 13min. and 22 sec.   I was kina've winded after that since I wasn't used to running.   I stayed after school to help Lyle work on his plot and then Went to the movie at night called, Tangle.

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