Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First School Day at RFIS

I got up about 6:30 to eat breakfast and then went into the van.   We went to the new school and when we got there I went and looked for Nate who is in my grade.   The first class was math, and there I got to see what their math book looked like. The second class was I think called social studies or something.   Then it was French I and I got to see if I could understand what they were saying.   Then it was English and finally lunch.   I was pretty hungry after I ate my lunch so Desi gave the rest of hers to me.   We did choir after lunch and got to see some movies.   Then it was bible and after that, PE.   I got to run the 1600 meters in 13min. and 22 sec.   I was kina've winded after that since I wasn't used to running.   I stayed after school to help Lyle work on his plot and then Went to the movie at night called, Tangle.

Monday, May 16, 2011

at the roaring river

   This Saturday Caleb, Josh, Papa, and me went to a river which is 30 minutes out of town.   On the way we saw the presidents mansion on top of a hill.   The place was really nice and we had to pay 3000 francs for all of us which is about 3 dollars and a third.   There was no one else who came.   The water was really clear but icy icy cold.   We swam in the damp because it was rapid lower down and not as deep.   When Josh, Caleb, and I walked upstream we saw a boat stuck under a log.  So we got it free and went down the rapids by poling.   It was really strong.   We had a great time.   

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thievery in the Kitchen

     No one knew that there was a cookie missing during spring break.   One Saturday morning Mama was about to go into the kitchen, but Caleb started asking her questions.   While Caleb was inquiring, Lyle snuck through the kitchen doorway and took the huge chocolate chip cookie that was going to be for Timothy on his birthday.  
     When Mama found out, she thought it was Admiratio because he was finishing something in his mouth.   Tim found out about the cookie incident and knew it wasn’t Admiratio because he had fed him that morning.   He then investigated.   When Tim walked through the kitchen door, he saw a crumb that had fallen into the sink.   He knew that Admiratio wouldn’t go up there because of the faucet.
    Next morning Tim got up early and put a big cookie near the place where Lyle usually went to get a drink of water in the morning.   The detective hid and waited.   At 6:00 a.m. Lyle came down and saw the cookie near his cup.   He thought to himself how lucky he was since there was another cookie just at hand.   When he was about to eat it, Caleb came and asked if he could have half of it because Lyle had gotten the bigger piece of the other stolen cookie.   Before they had secretly finished it, Tim came out and told how naughty they were.   When they heard this, they knew they were in trouble.   As soon as everybody was up, the brilliant detective told the story, and Caleb and Lyle had to pay him twenty tokens for stealing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fishing at a Pond

Last Thursday we (caleb, abel, sera, sarah, jessica, me, and our mothers) went to a fish pond near the lake in Lubumbashi.   I caught the biggest and another, Abel caught five, Caleb caught four, and Jessica caught two.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kindness Pays

Kindness Pays
Timothy W. Carlson

      Gemsboks, who are compassionate and helpful antelopes, can kill a predator with one stab.   One day a playful leopard was crouching in the jungle and suddenly found himself in pain and stress because he had stepped on a thorn.   He was in the forest near Goma and needed help.   He then tried to call someone but wasn’t successful.   Haggle went to a pasture and found a Gemsbok feeding on the grass.   The leopard then asked if the Gemsbok could help him.   The Gemsbok thought for a while and commanded that if he tried to attack him he would stab him with his horn.   The leopard responded, “Yes, I will leave you alone”.   So the Gemsbok, Orlando, agreed and skillfully pulled out the thorn in no time.   When this happened Hiporuth was king.
     Now there was a very naughty fawn that went into a farmer’s property and gobbled all the cabbage one night.   The farmer’s son, who had suspiciously found fresh tracks that morning, discovered it was a gemsbok’s footprint.   So he found Orlando and captured him, falsely accusing him of taking the cabbages.   Meanwhile, the leopard who had been captured was being whipped and starved to make him angry.   While Orlando was in need of a miracle, he began praying and shouting in the pit, “Help I’m innocent”.   Then one morning Orlando was thrown into an arena where Haggle had been set free because Hiporuth wanted blood.   Bloodthirsty Haggle opened his mouth, roared, and then he charged…….
     The leopard suddenly stopped and recognized the gemsbok, who was set to fight.   He walked up and greeted his own friend again.   Orlando was surprised, relieved and also grateful.   While the king was angry, he also marveled at the sight.   Then because the farmer lost some of his food, the furiously Orlando sent the foolish fawn to dig for the farmer until he had repaid him.    Kindness compensates.      


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This a Very Harsh Oath

The Hippocratic Oath

     I swear that I will use my life to find new remedies for diseases and illnesses.   That if someone dies because of one of my concoctions I will cut off an arm, a leg, and an ear.   And if I make a useful remedy then I will be paid five thousand dollars, a new car, and a new house.   If I disobey then I will be killed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

At the Painting Place

This Sunday Josh Caleb and I went to the place that we painted during Christmas break.   They have a well which they hand dug in about three days and is about 20 feet.   They built some nice bathrooms and showers.   Well we went there to play soccer so while their food was cooking we played soccer on the roadway .   It was pretty even teams though they had this really big buff guy which you could see they veins popping out.   Caleb and Josh's team won.   They were all really muscular because of all the work thay had been doing.